Publication - Design-to-time Scheduling and Anytime Algorithms

Authors: Garvey, A., Lesser, V.
Title: Design-to-time Scheduling and Anytime Algorithms
Abstract: Design-to-time real-time scheduling is an approach to solving time-sensitive problems where multiple methods are available for many subproblems. It is an alternative to the anytime algorithm approach, scheduling discrete methods rather than anytime algorithms with the goal of maximizing the value of the scheduled computation. In this paper we briefly introduce the design-to-time approach, describe how design-to-time can be used to schedule anytime algorithms including some experimental results, and examine anytime characteristics of our design-to-time scheduling algorithm.
Keywords: DTC, Resource Bounded, Scheduling
Publication: SIGART Bulletin, Vol: 7, Num: 3
Date: January 1996
Sources: PDF: /Documents/garvey_SIGART96.pdf
Reference: Garvey, A., Lesser, V.. Design-to-time Scheduling and Anytime Algorithms. SIGART Bulletin, Volume 7, Number 3. January 1996.
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