Lab Personnel

Current Members

Victor Lesser

Dan Corkill
Associate Director

Chongjie Zhang
Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Yoonheui Kim
Research Assistant

Bruno da Silva
Research Assistant

Xiangbin Zhu
Visiting Scholar

Daniel Garant
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Lab Business Manager/Grant Administrator

Michele Roberts

Consultants and Collaborators
Professor Edmund Durfee
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Professor Anita Raja
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Professor Xiaoqin "Shelley" Zhang
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Professor Shlomo Zilberstein
University of Massachusetts
Professor Sherief Abdallah
British University in Dubai
Professor Michael Zink
University of Massachusetts
Dr. Haizheng Zhang

Former Ph.D. Students

Name Thesis Title Year
Richard Brooks Experiments in Distributed Problem Solving 1983
Daniel Corkill A Framework for Organizational Self-Design in Distributed Problem-Solving Networks 1983
Jasmina Pavlin A Model for Prediction and Description of Knowledge-Based System Behavior 1985
Eva Hudlicka Diagnosing Problem Solving System Behavior 1986
Edmund Durfee A Unified Approach to Dynamic Coordination: Planning Actions and Interactions in a Distributed Problem Solving Network. (NSF presidential young investigator award; AAAI Fellow; IEEE Fellow) 1987
Lawrence Lefkowitz Knowledge Acquisition through Anticipation of Modifications 1987
Karen Huff Plan-Based Intelligent Assistance: An Approach to Supporting the Software Development Process 1989
Norman Carver Sophisticated Control for Interpretation: Planning to Resolve Sources of Uncertainty 1990
Daniel Neiman Design and Control of Parallel Rule-Firing Production Systems 1992
Susan Lander Distributed Search and Conflict Management Among Reusable Heterogeneous Agents 1994
Keith Decker Environment Centered Analysis and Design of Coordination Mechanisms. (Recipient of NSF Career award) 1995
Alan Garvey Design-to-time Real-time Scheduling 1996
Robert Whitehair A Framework for the Analysis of Sophisticated Control 1996
Tuomas Sandholm Negotiation Among Self-Interested Computationally Limited Agents. (NSF Career award; IJCAI'03 Computer & Thought Award; ACM/SIGART 2001 Autonomous Agents Research Award) 1996
Frank Klassner Data Reprocessing in Signal Understanding Systems 1996
M. V. Nagendra Prasad Learning Situation-Specific Control in Multi-Agent Systems 1997
Malini K. Bhandaru Learning Object Models for Adaptive Perceptual Systems 1998
Thomas Wagner Towards Quantified Control for Organizationally Situated Agents 1999
Ping Xuan Uncertainty Handling and Decision Making in Multi-Agent Cooperation 2002
XiaoQin "Shelley" Zhang Sophisticated Negotiation In Multi-Agent Systems 2002
Zachary Rubinstein Efficient Scheduling of Evolving, Nondeterministic Process Plans in Dynamic Environments 2002
Anita Raja Meta-Level Control in Multi-Agent Systems 2003
Roger Mailler A Mediation-Based Approach to Cooperative, Distributed Problem Solving 2004
Bryan Horling Quantitative Organizational Modeling and Design for Multi-Agent Systems 2005
Sherief Abdallah Scalable Cooperative Multiagent Reinforcement Learning in the Context of an Organization 2006
Raphen Becker Exploiting Structure in Decentralized Markov Decision Processes (Co-chaired with S. Zilberstein) 2006
AnYuan Guo Planning and Learning for Weakly-Coupled Distributed Agents 2006
Haizheng Zhang Learning Based Organizational Approaches for Peer-to-Peer Based Information Retrieval Systems 2006
Jiaying Shen Communication Management in Distributed Sensor Interpretation 2007
Bo An Automated Negotiation for Complex Multi-Agent Resource Allocation (Winner of AAMAS 2010 Dissertation Award) 2011
Hala Mostafa Exploiting Structure in Coordinating Multiple Decision Makers 2011
Chongjie Zhang Scaling Multi-Agent Learning in Complex Environments 2011