Publication - Automated Organization Design for Multi-agent Systems

Authors: Sims, Mark; Corkill, Daniel; Lesser, Victor
Title: Automated Organization Design for Multi-agent Systems
Abstract: The ability to create effectivemulti-agent organizations is key to the development of larger, more diverse multi-agent systems. In this article we present KB-ORG: a fully automated, knowledge-based organization designer for multi-agent systems. Organization design is the process that accepts organizational goals, environmental expectations, performance requirements, role characterizations, and agent descriptions and assigns roles to each agent. These long-term roles serve as organizational-control guidelines that are used by each agent in making moment-to-moment operational control decisions. An important aspect of KB-ORG is its efficient, knowledge-informed search process for designing multi-agent organizations. KB-ORG uses both application-level and coordination-level organization design knowledge to explore the combinatorial search space of candidate organizations selectively. KB-ORG also delays making coordination-level organizational decisions until it has explored and elaborated candidate application-level agent roles. This approach significantly reduces the exploration effort required to produce effective designs as compared to modeling and evaluation-based approaches that do not incorporate design expertise. KB-ORG designs are not restricted to a single organization form such as a hierarchy, and the organization designs described here contain both hierarchical and peer-to-peer elements. We use examples from the distributed sensor network (DSN) domain to show how KB-ORG uses situational parameters as well as application-level and coordination-level knowledge to generate organization designs.We also show that KB-ORG designs effective, yet substantially different, organizations when given different organizational requirements and environmental expectations.
Keywords: Multi-Agent Systems, Organizational Design
Publication: Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Vol: 16, Num: 2, pp. 151 - 185
Publisher: Springer-Netherlands
Date: 2008
Sources: PDF: /Documents/sims_jaamas08.pdf
Reference: Sims, Mark; Corkill, Daniel; Lesser, Victor. Automated Organization Design for Multi-agent Systems. Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Volume 16, Number 2, Springer-Netherlands, pp. 151-185. 2008.
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