Publication - Design-to-time Scheduling with Uncertainty

Authors: Garvey, Alan, and Lesser, Victor
Title: Design-to-time Scheduling with Uncertainty
Abstract: Design-to-time real-time scheduling is an approach to solving time-sensitive problems where multiple methods are available for many subproblems. This paper examines design-to-time scheduling problems where the value (quality) and duration of methods is uncertain. We first describe our basic approach to scheduling design-to-time problems, describe the necessary extensions for scheduling uncertain tasks, and describe the effects of uncertainty on the difficulty of scheduling and on the quality of the schedules produced.
Keywords: Scheduling
Publication: UMass CS Technical Report 95-03
Date: January 1995
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PDF: /Documents/lesser/garvey-95-03.pdf
Reference: Garvey, Alan, and Lesser, Victor. Design-to-time Scheduling with Uncertainty. UMass CS Technical Report 95-03. January 1995.
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