The ATAL Steering Committee

In order to organise ATAL, a steering committee was established in 1999. The steering committee is currently made up of the following members:

The terms of reference of the committee are as follows.



1.1	The ATAL steering committee is convened with the
	primary purpose of arranging the location and 
	organisation of the annual ATAL workshop.

1.2	The second purpose of the steering committee
	is to manage any profits that may be received by the 
	workshops, ensuring that these profits are directed to the
	benefit of the ATAL workshop itself and the
	ATAL research community.

1.3	In expediting tasks (1.1) and (1.2), the steering
	committee will 

	i/	ensure that the organisation of the ATAL
		workshops are consistent with the highest
		scientific standards;

	ii/	ensure that the workshop is effectively
		and efficiently organised and promoted;

	iii/	ensure that the workshop is arranged
		in such a way that participation is made
		as easy and open as possible for the
		ATAL research community;

	iv/	ensure that at all time, financial matters
		are handled in a legal, honest, and
		fair manner.


2.1	The initial membership of the steering committee,
	as of 12 May 1999, is Michael Wooldridge (chair),
	Joerg Mueller, Munindar Singh, and Nicholas Jennings.

2.2	The steering committee may choose to expand its
	membership at any time, with potential new members
	requiring a consensus agreement by the existing

2.3	Members of the committee will serve for at least
	one year, and will continue to serve for as
	long as they wish.

2.4	Members of the committee may leave at
	any time, by notifying other members of their
	intention to leave.


3.1	The steering committee will meet no less than once per annum,
	at the ATAL workshop.

3.2	At the annual meeting, the steering committee, together with 
	the chairs of the current ATAL workshop, will be entitled
	to charge reasonable expenses to the expense of ATAL,
	in those years where ATAL is in profit.

3.3	Members of the steering committee missing two consecutive
	ATAL workshops will be asked to reconsider their
	membership status.

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